Why UC is Crucial for businesses of all sizes

Why UC is Crucial for businesses of all sizes

The Enterprise has  been embracing Unified Communications (UC) for several years and has reaped the benefits that go along with True UC. Today’s modern phone systems all embrace UC and scale to the smallest firms and organisations, but many small businesses still do not take advantage of the power and convenience. What are those advantages, you ask?

  • Collaboration – This allows clients, business partners and co-workers to come together and collaborate while utilizing communication devices and sharing information. With UC, you can share files, exchange ideas, and instantly edit a document together
  • Communications – UC allows businesses to communicate with others, no matter what device they are using. This not only provides you with easy access to individuals you need to speak to, but allows you to transition to another device seamlessly right in the middle of a call, letting you bring in others on board.
  • Access- Because unified communications is available on almost every communication device, users can enjoy easy and remote access to the system. This means you can connect to your company’s network even if you are at home on your laptop via wireless internet.
  • Integration- The features offered via UC allow for the expansion of integrations between communication applications and data, promoting continuity in all your business processes. With UC, you can easily access integration features like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resourse planning (ERP), and supply chain management that make it easy for you to do business efficiently and effectively.
  • Presence- With UC, you are given access to a real-time interface that allows you to see all the users on your network and the way they prefer to speak to you. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend finding available users.
  • Mobility- Everyone today has a cell phone and with a modern phone system your business phone can be an App on your smart phone. You can take and receive all your business calls form your cell phone, and the people on the other end have no idea you are not in your office and are actually on the golf course or at the beach.
  • IM- We all know that texting sometimes is easier or more convenient that placing a phone call; today’s systems allow you to take advantage of sending an Instant Message (IM). When you IM a person, you have the benefit of having a record to look back at, just as you would an email.

These features are now standard on all the major business phone systems and KloudTek Consulting represents all the top UCaaS providers. And guess what, the price is Right. The bill will come to a fraction of your cell phone bill, around the same as a cup of coffee a week at your local Java shop. You will also get an Auto-Attendant, Unlimited local and long distance calling, Message/Music on Hold, Rings groups, Voicemail to email, Conference bridge, SMS, and more. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

For more information on UC, please contact us at KloudTek Consulting.


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